Growing your own happiness- Part 1


When I saw this statement, it really gave me pause. I really took the time to think about it.  So often I perceive my own happiness as a byproduct of something else. Other’s actions, the weather, how the work week went, a conversation with a family member all either tilt the scale of happy to miserable, or somewhere in between.

Why do I invest so much time and energy in the interpretation of external phenomena into my own happiness and well-being? It’s a good question, and no easy answer. I think a lot of it has to do with how our societal culture raised us, or maybe just how our family influenced us (or probably both). It is right to feel how others dictate we should feel, and our happiness should hinge on our day to day activities. Is it? Should it?

You may have noticed I have fallen a bit behind in blogging. I agree, I have. I haven’t forgotten about you. Quite the opposite, I have been feeling quite guilty about it (guilt is a post for another day). As a new mom, time precious commodity and sometimes things get brushed aside. As all moms, I’m trying the best I can to find balance! Easier attempted than achieved.

Regardless, I plan to restore my balance and get back to writing. I’d like to explore more themes of self-made happiness and how we can get there. Growing your own independent happiness is a large part of how we can live a fulfilling life and a life of zen. Check back for more posts on this topic!

1 thought on “Growing your own happiness- Part 1

  1. Revisiting good ideas is a way to check course, to maintain direction when we live in a sea of change from without and within! Persist in living each day to its fullest along with all the rest of us. Lead when you can, rest and sit back when you need to. We’re all juggling and balancing day to day!


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