I tried to make baby food and…

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This past weekend I had a go at making my own baby food. It’s pretty trendy these days, so I figured why not give it a shot. It’s so much cheaper than buying it too!

I decided to start with yams since it is T’s favorite food. I baked two yams at 400o for almost an hour, basically until they were very soft. After the yams cooled, I scooped out the insides and mashed them to hell with a fork. I didn’t bother using a food puree-er; I had debated buying on of those baby food makers but it seems like an awful lot of money for what a fork or simple blender could do. Plus, our counter space and storage is at a premium these days.


After mashing up the sweet potatoes I mixed in about 20-30 mL of breastmilk to help it freeze better and add some nutrients in. I put some of the fresh feast into tupperware to use during the week, and then froze the rest. I found ice cube trays at the store that make extra-large ice cubes; you know, those novelty kinds that are probably more for scotch on the rocks? They also came with lids! I scooped what was left of the mash into the trays and put them in the freezer. Each giant cube should be about a serving for T, making it easier to cook food in bulk and save some for longer stretches.

This morning I made a fresh banana, proving to be T’s new favorite food. He kept opening his mouth impatiently for more! Bananas are easy, just mash with a fork and serve. I always add baby oatmeal for extra bulk and vitamins, and add breastmilk to make it a little more mushy and make it more palatable.

Next up—peas in a blender. And maybe meats? Stay tuned, I’m sure the posts will get a lot more colorful in both photo and description as the food making process gets more disgusting. How do babies enjoy this stuff anyway?

If you need some freezing trays, check out these ones.

If you are ready to say uncle and just buy a baby food maker, maybe this one will do the trick.

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