Hey sister-

I started this blog just for you. Okay… and for me, too. After going through a huge gamut of experiences this year (new job, pregnancy, new baby) I had a lot going on emotionally, physically, and mentally. I felt like there weren’t really a lot of people that understood me. I often felt alone. The books on pregnancy were helpful but sterile; I couldn’t relate the words to what I was going through. Thank God for the women I had in my tribe that were my foundation stones and pillars of support. Oh and my mom– she’s the best.

Once the baby was out, so was my newfound and focused passion. I want to create a space where you can read about self-improvement, the miraculous (yet freakshow) thing we call pregnancy, and the realities of motherhood. I want you to feel part of a community that understands you and doesn’t question your experiences– or your sanity. You are awesome, and it’s important that you feel that way. You are growing a human from a cellular level, forming eyeballs and a beating heart and all that cool shit. That’s pretty amazing. Women often aren’t supported or credited the way they need to be during this momentous time, and even less so when the little nugget is out and you are trying to juggle raising a polite and functional person with all of your other responsibilities.

This isn’t a place of validation. You don’t need validation. Your experience is valid, no matter what life experience you have or how it looks. There are no wrong choices or feelings. Only stepping stones that get you closer to your destined path. Life is tough but beautiful. Being a mom is even more so. Read on in whichever category you need, we will be here as one big (sexy) safety net of motherhood. You go girl.








FYI: Sometimes you may see an affiliate link or product review. What does this mean? An affiliate link is something that helps me out. If you decide to buy something I mention, it doesn’t cost you a dime but I get a very small percentage of it. So basically, you are shopping for free and helping me support my goals. If I review a product, you can be sure that it is something that I like and I, too, use. I will never try to sell you some shit that is worthless. I wouldn’t do that to ya.

Disclaimer: This blog offers experiences and opinions, not medical advice. Always consult your physician with medical questions or concerns. 
It is also a bully-free zone. Women should build each other bridges, not pits to fall into. If you are nasty your comments will be removed.